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Welcome to AVEU, where we offer top quality merchandise at unbeatable prices.

Our customer service is unmatched, and we stock all the latest and greatest Software. Take a look through our inventory.

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Exclusive prices

Here you can find the newest editions of the most needed Software for the most exclusive prices. And yes, it is all authentic & genuine!

Online Support

You can rest assured that our team of professionals are here to assist with any inquiry, even assist in installation of the purchased Software. 


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Get better prices in high quantity

Looking for a high quantity of Windows or Office? 

We offer premium shipping services and available high quantity stock for our premium clients. With jaw dropping prices, if you need a large quantity for your office or classroom, you've come to the right place. Contact us below for additional details. 

24x6 Available Support 

Customers choosing our Premium Service enjoy 24x6 available Support, a personally assigned technical associate and access to our hotline to reach us at any given time. 

Enjoy early access to our discounts and exclusive coupons that'll save quite a bunch!


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I made my first order of Office and I was surprised to have it delivered within less than a week. It's exactly what they sell in Walmart but for half the price. Unbelievable.

I was able to get three Windows 10 licenses for my daughters for less than 200$! That's the price Microsoft are selling a single unit for. Highly recommended

I had an issue with Activation at first, but after contacting AVEU I received clear and professional instructions which solved my issue. They seem like true professionals. 

Jason Hall

Daniel Baskind

Jack Young


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